12/23 Surprise Saturday
A pax of 4 appeared unknowingly how painful a simple 12 sprints could be.  But, they made it and kicked butt.
PAX: Bell, Genessee, Lipton, and Clark (Q)
Warm-up: SSH x15(ic), IW x15 (ic), arm circled

50 yd sprint, mosey return, 30 sec commando x5, V-up x10

100 yd sprint, mosey return, 45 sec commando x10, GMTs x15(ic)

200 yd sprint, mosey 100 yd return, 60 sec commando x15, crossovers x20(ic)
Repeato 4 circuits

1/4 mile mosey lap after 2nd and 4th circuit.
Pause for merlot (didn’t happen)

Superman, Phelps 
Thanks for getting us out.  May we know life to be good and bring out the best in all.
Merry Christmas!!! Have fun.