Backblast Mod Monday : 31 deg. and to dark to see who was there. 
PAX. So I wasn’t fully paying attention to who posted. Sorry if i left anyone off the list or added to. Its so damn dark. 
PAX: Snowman FNG, Bell, Sashquatch,  Aflac, Malibu,  Sprinkler,  Doogie Irish Goodbye,  8 Ball, Bogey, Widget, Bastille,  Palmer, Purdy, Oscar. 

Warm up and a lap, then down to business.  
The Thang:

Two groups. 

1st group jogs the small circle while one PAX lung walks with 2 25 lb weights, switching to new person each lap. Followed by 75 squats, 40 merks and pull ups.
2nd group uses backwards bear crawl, frightened cat, long jump and creature merkins to go side to side of small circle, out and back. 
Groups switched. 
Then all in a line the weights started at one end and passed down btwPAX after performing 10 curls.  Then 8 sholder presses on the way back.  

The PAX planked,sherpad,flutter kicked, hand and leg raised, humped monkeys, people’s chaired and merkined while waiting. 
COT. Remember to be grateful for what we have.