Demon Backblast: Bard Beatdown 
14 PAX united in November brotherhood with the sole goal of beating back the Demon—this was considered revenge on the Demon for breaking my Q hymen: @Ken “Aflac” Randazzo, @Dan “Palmer” O’Brien, @Sean “Bogey” Abrams, @Jerad “Widget” Pinkava, @Bastille, @Roger Jones, @Jim “Jagger” Slater, @Kevin “Sasquatch” Nowak, @Dan Frindt “Bell”, @Ryan “8-Ball” English, @Louis Buchino, @Jake “Patagonia” Hone, FNG @Purdy  (Chris “Oscar” Purdy), and myself. 
WARM-UP: Windmills, Finkle Swings, Imperial Walkers
Tammy Wynette’s—Stand by Your Man! 

-Partners alternate Merkins and Squats (x100 each), sprint to opposite goal line. 

-Lunges, Crunchy Frogs (x50 each), sprint back.

-SSH and Plank Jacks (x100 each), hold plank for 6.
1/2 mile Indian Run
Nolan Richardson

-On the goal line, one partner begins exercise while the other back pedals to the 50, drops one Bobby Hurley, and jogs back to the goal line to pick up the exercise count where their partner left off. Continue alternating until partners reach a combined total of 100 Burpees and 100 Merkins.
Superman, Phelps
COT: Tecumseh’s call to brotherhood. Not only look for good intentions in yourself, but work hard to see them when you look at others.
MERKIN CHALLENGE COUNT: 200 total—Merkins/Burpees combined
Thanks, all!