Cold/ Windy start to the day.  Felt great
Backblast: The Demon 
14 fearless men of F3 started a frigid Friday with a pounding of the Demon. 
Aflac, Bastille, Bell, Bogey, Captain, Clark, Genesee, Jagger,  Kitt, Patagonia, Palmer, Sprinkler, Sasquatch Q. Sorry to whom I’m missing. Blacked out for part of this! 
Coffeteria appearances by Bard and Casey Jones
Attempted appearance by Malibu.
Warm up – SSH, Imperial Walkers
Modified Dudas Run – High knees, butt kickers, shuffle drill, lay up drill, backward run, karaoka 
Burpicide – declining amount of burpees starting at 10 every 10 yards (merk count 55)
Modified Dudas Run Repeato
To the circle for more fun:


LBCs, bike abs, fred mercs, Merc freds, bike abs, LBCs, flutter kicks, banana Hammocks 

T-Merkins (merk count 95)
Gitmo, gitmo
Merkins, Merkins, Merkins (Merk Count 150)
Goal line

Bear crawl 10 to v up thors 

Crab walk 10 to flutter kicks

Bear crawl 10 to partner big boy sit ups
Superman, phelps
COT: thanks for blessings and grace. Help those going through transitions. Prayers for those in the cold and who need help. 
Merkin count 150. Some in the bank!