A new demon attempted to take over Bay High.  His one weakness, Slaughter, and thankfully the PAX knew the lyrics.  
PAX: Aflac, Bard, Palmer, Cap, Patagonia, Clark, Bell,  Marvin, Genessee, Jagger,  Slappy, Casey Jones, 8 ball and Q Kitt.  
The Thang.  

Lap then Slaughter Starter.  20 burpees.  
Shuffle then long jump cones, sprint at the end.  

Sideline, walking merkins to #s karaoke btw #s then more walking merkins. 
Monkey humpers 
Back to other line walking mer/karaoke. 
Slutty angles
Long jump to #s sprints. 

Double Dragon lunges

Crowd Pleasers to 4 ish. 
Lap. Ab blast
Lung to 20. Waxy abs. 
Great job guys. Be thankful for what we have and pray for those less fortunate.  
Beach Stav is playing  at Mahall’s tonight.