Demon back blast:

8 hardened PAX joined forces on a seek and destroy mission at 0545 at Bay High.  

Aflac, Palmer, Sprinkler, Kitt, Patagonia, Casey Jones, Bell (straight from GNR concert) and YHQ.  
Warm Up:

SSH, Hillbillies, Shoulder Circles, Stretch it Out
The Thang:

Ladders to 11 goal line to goal line

Rd 1: SSH and Squats

Rd 2: Merkins and Grasshoppers
Catchin’ Animals w/ a partner:

Rd 1: P1: crab walk, P2: 25 LBC’s – catch partner, flapjack to 50, SSH while waiting, mosey to goal line

Rd 2: P1: bear crawl, P2: 10 grasshoppers jump high knees – catch the bear, flapjack to 50, bike abs while waiting, mosey to goal line

Rd 3: P1: gorilla crawl, P2: 20 monkey humpers- catch the gorilla, flapjack to 50, bananas while waiting, mosey to goal line 

Rd 4: P1: Alligator crawl, P2: 10 Mule Kicks – catch the gator, flapjack to 50, shakiras while waiting, mosey to goal lineMosey to the apparatus of death for reverse ladder pull-ups and burpees w/ a partner:

P1: pull ups on low bars; P2: burpees

Rd 1: P1 20 pull ups, P2 10 burpees, flapjack

Rd 2: 18 pull-ups, 9 burpees, flapjack

Rd 3: 16 pull ups, 8 burpees, flapjack

Rd 4: 14 pull ups, 7 burpees, flapjack

Continued Rds 5-10 w/ 2:1 ratio pull-ups:burpees 

Totals at the AOD: Pull-ups 110, Burpees 55
Mosey back to goal line

5 MOM: plank reverse crunches, banana hammocks, monkey humpers, v-up THORS, random ab work
COT: Gratitude for health and the ability to do what we do, family and community.  Be thankful for what we have.  Be with those battling cancer, their family members and the support staff that provide their care.
Have a great weekend!