Back blast: 10/23/17

12 PAX: @Dan “Palmer” O’Brien , @Dan Frindt “Bell” , @Dan Needham “Sprinkler” , @Dean “Kitt” Higgins. , @Greg “Lumbergh” Kandra , @Jim “Jagger” Slater , @Karl Bekeny “Que Tip” , @Kevin “Sasquatch” Nowak , @Nick Marple “Bouche” , @Roger Jones , @Tim “Slappy” , Patagonia/Q 
Warmup: SSH, imperial walkers, Magoo windmills, jerkins
The thang: 2 circuits of mod Murph with pull-ups/merkins/squats…… mosey to bench incorporating several beat down exercises: partner throw downs, LBCs, draft dodgers, bear crawl, crab walk, backwards jog, high knees, diamond Merks, nitchskies, samurai lunges
Kariokee 100 yds and back

6MOM (with Guantanamo!)

COT with TAPS to being thankful of F3 fellowship especially, nice to see u all this morning and great work!
@Nick Marple “Bouche” Has Friday but S/A on Wednesday’s open, AYE