Warm up:

SSH, IW, arm circles and hugs, CW
the thang:

20 Merkens 

20- squats 

2×10-Sally up down Merkens

2×10-Sally up down squats

30 second speed Merkens 

30 seconds speed squats
10 groiners 10 scorpion kicks
15 yard:

High knee

Butt kick


2×10 (Sherpa start)

2×20 (lbc start)

2×30 (line jump start)

2×40 (reverse Sherpa start)

2×50(reverse lbc start)

4 flying sprints (jog 20-sprint 60-jog 20)

(Partner: 1 man lifts while the other runs 200 yards)

1. Clean and jerk

2. Good mornings 

3. Curls

4. Tris

5. Sumo squats

6. Blockees 

7. Good morning

8. Curls

9. Tris
60 yard Redman
6 MOM (FM, Courtneys, crunchy frogs, monkey humpers, hippie dips, superman, Phelps, broga finisher)
COT: Taps for Jerry, Sasquatch, McKenzie and the family going through the loss of a loved one.  Set goal to be kind to anyone that may get under your skin… a couple of guys took the bait and went to someone in the Pax… hahahaha
It was fun…
I’ll Be Back (said like Arnold)