You can’t spell Hard Commit without a DR, but 6 beasts of the westshore posted anyway to defend the Greek nation and send the Persians away to hell.


PAX:  QTip, Lumbergh, Jagger, Patagonia, Bouche, and Clark (Q)


Warmup:  SSH x20 (IC), Samari Lunges x30 (OYO), Jerkies x30 (OYO)


Thang: Serpentine, Pop-o-Matics x20, Dips x30, V-Ups x20; Repeato circuit; Run 1.75 mi + 20 merkins; Repeato circuit


MOM: Banana Hammocks, GMTs, Monkey Humpers, Superman, Phelps


COT: Continued healing for McKenzie and members, TAPs for F3 brotherin in NC, continued best wishes for Sasquatch family.  Thanks for the motivation and ability to push ourselves via workouts.


3rd F tonight at Dover Gardens – 8:30 start time
Full disclosure- I have had my fair number of DRs after posting an HC.  No worries men.