It was a day of rediscovery. 7 eager to learn PAX posted for a Devil’s Playground beatdown.  

Patagonia, Haskel from F3 Brecksville , Slappy, Bard, Jagger and Q Kitt 
Warm up: SSH, Finkle Swings and merkins. 
The Thang: The Columbus  up the ramp – 3 long jumps followed by 3 pop o matic burpees repeto x 3. Bear crawl to top.
Sholder tap merkins, Tippy Gore squats, down hill merkins-10 at top of hill bear crawl to middle for 10 BC to bottom for 10. 
Bernie Sanders up the ramps to top then back down stairs to 2. 
Yul Brynner-no rest 7 sets of merkins , 5 each.  Wide, reg,diamond,  staggered, staggered, pike and chuck norris. 
Bulgarian Ball Busters – reverse lunge with knee up in cadence.  

Magoo twist. 
Karaoke the ramps. 

Gorilla humpers at top. 

Crowd Pleasers- 1 to 1 ratio of merkin to ball busters to 5. 

Dirty angles 

Karaoke the ramps other direction.  
IMarry for crunchy frogs, chris angles,  COT squats. 
Prayers for those struggling.