9/30 Suicide Saturday 
6 crazy PAX appeared for a BearDown with suicide in the name.  And even the padlocked entrance couldn’t change their minds leading to crawling under a fence.
PAX: Slappy, Jagger, Captain, Bard, Sprinkler, and Clark (Q)
Warm-up: SSH x10, IW x10, arm circles
Burpicide- each 10 yd line / 2 burpees (ie: 10 yd line =5 burpees), 25 merkins at half line, 1 burpees at opposite end zone.  101 total burpees
Crunchicide- same but with crunches, full number. 25 merkins at midfield and 1 burpee at opposite end zone.

200 total crunches
Lungicide- same as Crunchicide, but with lunges.