A mighty PAX of 16 appeared to overwhelm The Demon in the gloom.  It happened quickly, though with much pain to The Demon.   Mostly it was picture day and the PAX wanted to look good.

PAX:  Jagger, Q-tip, Bouche, Bard, Kitt, 8-Ball, Genesee, Casey Jones, Bell, Slappy, Sasquatch, Patagonia, Swabby, Malibu, Lumbergh, and Clark (QIC)


Warm-up:  SSH x20(IC), Squats w/ Hop x20(IC), Jerkeis x25(IC)




Wave of Merkins  (PAX Planks, each PAX in turn does merkin – first round 1, next round 2,next  3,next  4, next 5)

Howling Monkey (PAX holds Al Gore while each PAX in turn does x10 humpers IC)

Extended Guantanamo (legs raised, PAX does not go until prior guy completes round – this was a bitch)

Bonnie Blair meets Fred Astaire (PAX continuous BB, while one does x10 Fred Astaire)

Commando 25 sec high, 25 sec low, x20Simple Suicide – full football field suicide (mosey to each 10 yd line, sprint back to endzone, do 1 burpee)

Station Set:  Double Jumps x15, Jumping Spiders x10, Sit-up V-up x10 (repeato)


MOM:  Fred Merc/Merc Fred, Slow Sherpas, Draft Dodgers, V-up Thors, Banana Hammocks, Shakiras, Superman, Phelps


COT:  Continued prayers for hurricane victums, hope for quick recovery for all those healing (including PAX with possible future experience of hernia after this BeatDown), remember small positives make a difference – smile.


Pictures followed, to be printed in Bay newspaper.

Way to kick ass!  Thanks.


Suicide Saturday – 7:00 am at Bay High on 9/30/2017 – giddyup!