A strong PAX of 10 surprised the napping Persians by finding them on another battlefield and beating them mercilessly while going uphill.  No casualties to the Greeks, though new aches may be found later in the day.  Success.

PAX: Sasquatch, Wahoo, Bard, Sprinkler, 8 Ball, Marvin, Bell, Genesee, Bouche, and Clark (QIC)



Sprint Up-Hill, Derkins off rocks x20, mosey Down-Hill, Backpedal Up-Hill, mosey to playground (300 yds), pull-ups (real ones) x5, Crunchy Frogs x25, Dips x25, mosey back to hill.  Bike Abs until the 6 arrives.  Repeato for 4 complete cycles.


1+ mile run of loop around rec center, lazyboy w/ hallelujah, magoo twists x20 each, banana hammocks x10 (IC) each, merkins x20, superman, phelps

COT:  Prayers for Mack (friend of Genesee) going through hurricane recovery and McKenzie following surgery.  Help us be accountable to ourselves for positive changes and be better men, husbands, and fathers in the community.


Thank you all!