Backblast: Mod Monday Morning 09.04.17
A PAX of 6 braved the holiday morning. Bench you were glad you did. Pops, Genessee, Kitt, Patagonia, Bell and Sasquatch (Q).
Warm up: SSH, Imperial Walkers and arm circles. 
We ran the benches of Cahoon, 39 in all over about .9 miles. Each bench was a station. Add bear crawl between 4, crab walk, and up and over 5 picnic tables. 

6 Merkin stations

3 LBC stations

3 Squat stations 

3 Prison Cell Merkin stations

2 Draft Dodger stations 

7 Burpee stations

2 Forward Lunge stations

2 Backward Lunge (Game icer) stations 

1 Mod Bobby Hurley station

1 Flutter Kick station

1 Fred Merc/Merc Fred station 

1 Crunchy Frog station

1 Dip station

1 Schotty Hops station

1 Banana Hammock station

1 Hippie Dips station 

1 Vup Thor station 

1 Samurai Lunges station 

1 Bonnie Blair station


COT: Prayers of thanks for all that we have. Thanks for our challenges and struggles as well. Prayers for Pop’s colleague, our brother McKenzie and Baby Nowak that is currently baking. 
Happy Monday Gentlemen.