10 Bulky Men appeared looking like mini hulks after completing the merkin challenge.  Clark brought the big gun bricks via the trunk of his Kia (sagging like it held 3 dead hookers in the trunk).  The Demon stood no chance.  


PAX:  Kitt, Captain, McKenzie, Slappy, Malibu, Genesee, Casey Jones, Swabby, Bell, and Clark (Q)



SSH x17

Chris Angels x25 each leg


Conveyor Belt football field each 10 yd – Abs (bear crawl between)

1. Bike Abs x15

2. Banana Hammocks x15 each side

3. Burpees x 10

4. Hippie Dips x15 each side

5. Crunchy Frog x15


Conveyor Belt – Plank (Long Hops between)

1. Plank Jacks x15

2. Dancing Bears x15

3. Burpees x10

4. Plank Crunches x15

5. High Plank – 60 sec


Sprint to end-zone



Stations w/ a Repeato

1. Poker Chips to 50

2. Colt 45 plus Presses x15

Hurricane Hoedown (flutter kicks – arms Forward, Hallelujah, and Back)

Magoo Twists x15 each leg



MOM:  low plank sherpas, 30/60/90, Monkey Humpers, Hulk Smash, Superman, Phelps


COT:  Thanks for another great morning and inspiration to complete the merkin challenge.  Look over those going through Harvey’s path.  Better father, husbands, men in the community.  Thank you.