A PAX of 6 hit the fields of Cahoon to crush the Persian advance: Bell, Clark, Kitt, McKenzie, Patagonia and Sasquatch (Q).
Warm ups with SSH, Imperial walkers and Merkins
Jog over to Huntington Reservation.  Hillbilly’s (named thanks to McKenzie) 25s, 50s, 75s, 90s, 75s and 25s. In between circuits we had Merkins, dips, LBCs, flutter kicks, banana Hammocks and sit up v ups. 
MOM: Merkins, Freddie mercs, one or two others. (Today has been a heck of a day).
COT: Prayers for patience in this time of transition. Special prayers for our brother, McKenzie, for when he undergoes surgery in September. Clark noted the kids in flight and asked for our votes. See above thread for details. 
Merkin count for workout: 200