Backblast: Commando 08.08.17
21 PAX joined for the Commando today: Ratched, Kramer, Kahuna, Forrest, McKenzie, Clark, Ocho Cinco, Squirrel, Gecko, Tommy Boy, Spiderman, Kitt, Genesee, OSHA, Patton, Pops, Magoo, Flounder, Goat, Vinny and Sasquatch (Guest Q).
The Thang:
Warm up: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles
Ascending Merkin Burpees x 7


Banana Hammocks

Front Lunges

Back Lunges

Draft Dodgers
Flutter kicks 

Broad jumps

Prison cell Merkins 
Fred Merc/Bike Ab/Ab Bike/ Merc Fred
Bear crawl around the world. 12 holds for 2 Merkins each on the hour
Hippie Dips

Samurai Lunges

Popcorn Popper Merkins

Monkey Humpers

V- up Thors

Bonnie Blairs

Bonnie Blairs

V-up Thors


Bear crawl back half way around the world with Merkins on the hour

Flutter kicks

Finish bear crawl at the beginning of the world with Merkins on the hour
Fred Merc/Bike abs/ Ab Bikes/Merc Fred
Descending Merkins Burpees x 7
Superman, Phelps.
COT: Thanks for God’s grace and for bringing us together. Thoughts for people silently struggling. Special thoughts for Piper (the girl struggling with cancer) and our F3 brother deployed overseas.
Merkin challenge count: 234 from today’s Commando. 
Q for next week is open. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to guest Q today.