Backblast : The Demon 
7 mages combined their magical forces and defeated the Demon once again. 

PAX: Swabby, Patagonia,  Bell, McKenzie, Genesee, Sprinkler and Q Kitt. 
Lap to warm up:

The Thang: Deck of Death. “Random” cards set at the goal and 25 yrd line. Pick a card then sprint . 

❤=burpees.♠=v up thor .♦=merkins.  ♣=squat jumps. 
Circle up, 8 merkins btw rach set of: dirty angles,staggered mers,scissors lunges, staggered merks, crunchy frogs, plank crunches.  

Backwards bear crawl to 40, sprint to goal. 
Circle with 10 lbcs after..hippy dips, sherpas, scissor lunges,  plank crunches,. 

A few more cards.
Finished with a bearpee. Burpee at each line , bear crawl in between.  
Stay strong. Sholders back, chest out, stomach in and smile.