Backblast – Athenian Spartan

A PAX of 10.5 converged to beat back the Persian offensive. Clark, Kitt, Patagonia, Genesee, Just on time Bell, Swabby, Sprinkler, Bouche, McKenzie, Wahoo (0.5) and Sasquatch (Q)
Warm Up: 

SSH, Imperial Walkers
Run the long way up the stairs to the Frisbee Golf Hill. Like all plans, they are great until initial enemy contact. We improvised and hunkered down for a battle at the skate park
Dips 40 on cadence, Fred Merc/Merc Freds, Box jumps
Dips 30 on cadence, lbcs, step ups
Derkins, flutter kicks 
Leg o Rama on the benches, walls and rails of the skate park including steps ups 4 benches x 20, box jumps 2 x20 and rail lateral jumps x 20
Prison cell Merkins, Freddie Merc/Merc Fred
Free run x4 laps through the park
Merkins on cadence
Run back to Cahoon. 
Merry – Merkins, Squats, Flap Jacks and I’m missing one. 
COT: Prayers of thanks, especially for God’s love.