The Demon 07.21.17

A brave PAX of 16 showed to vanquish the Demon. Demon was vanquished. Kitt, Patagonia, Tardy Bell, Captain, McKenzie, Genesee, Casey Jones, Cold cuts, Malibu, Swabby, Bouche, Sprinkler, Kenevil, FNG Chaser, FNG Cracker, Sasquatch (Q).

Warm up: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Arm Circle, Burpee Shuffle

Part One: on every 20 yard line in progression…

Merkins, LBCs, Squats, 10 burpees

Pop-o-magic Merkins, flutter kicks, Samurai Lunges, 9 burpees

Part 2: 

Sideline to sideline….

Shuffle drill, karaoke, Bobby Hurleys
Fred Merc/Merc Fred

Bike Abs/Ab Bikes

Banana Hammocks

Hippie Dips

Draft Dodgers

Part 3: on every 20 in progression

Merkins, Sit up/ V ups, Lunges, 5 burpees

Prison cell Merkins, V up Thors, Bonnie Blairs, 5 burpees

Part 4:

From sideline: Bear crawl to hash, sprint between hashes, bear crawl to sideline, ten Merkins

Rinse and repeat back to other sideline.